2019 Brought Us One Step Closer!

2019 was an incredibly exciting year for us at BIOLIFE4D – so much so that we wanted to share some of our proudest accomplishments as we head in to 2020! The continued support we have received from our investors, the scientific community, and the general public has been tremendous and has pushed us one step closer toward our ultimate goal of 3D bioprinting a human heart viable for transplant. As we move toward that goal, we have already achieved some important milestones along the way.

Management Advisory Board. BIOLIFE4D is only as great as the team we work with, and we work with some really incredible people. Earlier this year, we added to our already incredible personnel group by establishing our Management Advisory Board and appointing four members  – Dr. Michael Davidson, Mr. Stephen Simes, Dr. Mark Weinberg, and Mr. Bruce Werner. We are so proud to have such an established group of advisors helping to guide the strategic direction moving forward. We truly believe our advisors, scientific, and medical teams are unparalleled in the industry. 

Equity Crowdfunding. Due to popular demand, we reopened our equity crowd funding campaign in September, which has now raised more than $3M! We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated group of equity investors and partners who share our vision for the future of heart health and care and recognize we would not be able to achieve everything we have already without their unwavering support.

Scientific Milestones! To that end, we had a significant breakthrough in the labs this year – BIOLIFE4D became the first company in the United States to successfully 3D bioprint a mini human heart,  which is as close as anyone has ever gotten to producing a fully functional heart through 3D bioprinting. This significant milestone was accomplished at our research facility at JLABS in Houston, which -is led by Dr. Ravi Birla, BIOLIFE4D’s Chief Science Officer, and validates our technology and process as we move toward bioprinting a functional mini-heart which can be used as a better predictive model than current animal models.

Global exposure. BIOLIFE4D was recognized by media outlets such as Forbes, EngadgetDigital Trends, BBC, World Economic Forum, NBC ChicagoABC Chicago, and BuiltIn Chicago, as well as other outlets in Japan, China, the UK, Australia, France, Poland, and Spain. All told in 2019, our company was featured in front of a potential global audience of more than 1.2B people!

As time goes on our support continues to grow – it’s truly overwhelming and we’re so grateful. 

To our world-class medical team, management team, investors and all supporters – we thank you so muchfor believing in us. While we’ve never been closer, you haven’t seen anything yet! We can’t wait to show you 2020 will bring and know you’ll be there every step of the way. 

— Team at BIOLIFE4D

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