52 Years After First Heart Transplant, and there’s Still Room for Innovation!

This week, 52 years ago, Dr. Christiaan Barnard successfully performed the first heart donor transplant on Lewis Washkansky, a South African man dying of heart disease. A modern miracle of its time, Dr. Barnard’s successful surgery provided hope to those suffering from this debilitating disease, while also laying the groundwork for future generations of development and innovation. 

Much like Dr. Barnard did in 1967, BIOLIFE4D is trying to revolutionize the way we treat heart disease today. Of course, incredible strides have taken place since the first procedure, but there’s still more to be done! Currently, donor heart transplant recipients are still required  to take numerous types of medication each day, and even still, rejection is a significant challenge. And for those 5,000 people globally who are fortunate enough to have received a lifesaving donor heart transplant, half still die within 10 years of transplantation primarily due to complications relating to using a donor’s organ. 

And that is only one of the challenges that the incredible process which BIOLIFE4D is working on addresses. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for donor hearts, and thankfully, we’ve never been closer! This fall, we announced our mini heart news, which is the closest anyone’s ever gotten on the path to bioprinting a fully functioning human heart viable for transplant. Now, it’s a matter of optimizing our process and scaling our technology. We still have milestones to conquer, but we’re extremely excited about the progress we’ve already made. 

We’re well on our way, but we still need your help! If you’re so inclined, please consider an investment in BIOLIFE4D. By helping us get our lifesaving technology to market, you have the potential to play an important role and impact countless lives! Please also follow along with our progress by connecting with us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter, and please help spread the word about BIOLIFE4D by sharing throughout your network.

– Team at BIOLIFE4D

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