The Science at BIOLIFE4D
As you might be aware the scientists at BIOLIFE4D have to work with several different cardiac cell types in bioengineering our cardiac constructs.  And each of these separate types of specialized cells must be bioengineered by our science team from a patient’s white blood cells!  Here are 6 specialized cell types we work with and their basic function:

Cardiomyocytes: Essentially, these cells create the contractions which pump the blood
Smooth Muscle Cells: These cells primarily cause contraction of the larger vessels
Purkinje Cells: These cells carry the contraction impulse throughout the heart
Pacemaker Cells: These cells set the pace for the beating heart, controlling the heart rate
Fibroblast Cells: These cells essentially form the structural framework of the heart
Endothelial Cells: These cells essentially line the blood vessels and help prevent clotting

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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