A Little Walk Can Go a Long Way!

Many of us already know of and take part in the many benefits of walking and how it can protect and strengthen our hearts, assist in weight-loss, and improve our overall physical and mental health.  What you may not know is by simply enhancing your walking habits you can bring even greater impact to your health.

It has been determined that walking for 2.5 to 3 hours per week, which is only 21-25 minutes a day, can cut your risk of heart disease or a coronary event by 35%. In addition, this do-anywhere, no-equipment-required activity can also reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer and also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Many of us like to sit and relax after a meal, but studies show that going for a walk after eating can help reverse the arterial dysfunction caused by fatty foods.

Walking is also very beneficial for our memory – it promotes growth of our hippocampus which is the part of our brain most responsible for memory.  There is a 2% increase shown in those who walked regularly versus a 1% decrease associated from normal aging.

And consider this:

  • Walking has the lowest dropout rate of any exercise
  • Walking can easily be worked into a busy day
  • Walking has no membership cost required
  • Walking even doubles as a form of transportation

It’s a great time of year to walk, with Autumn weather giving the perfect combination of cooler temperatures and relaxing scenery, and in many areas Autumn colors can be spectacular.  So go take a walk!

Stay safe & be well,


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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