Another Win for BIOLIFE4D and Humanity!

Congratulations are in Order!

Last week at MedCity INVEST, their  Pitch Perfect competition spotlighted presentations from healthcare startups in five categories: health services, health IT, medical devices, biopharma and diagnostics. Five companies competed in each track. It may have been a virtual event this year but each of the finalists who presented proved that a conversation about healthcare innovation need not be an in-person experience to resonate with its intended audience.

MedCity provides a platform for companies to present investment opportunities to investors.  MedCity News is the leading news source for the business of innovation in healthcare offering insight into what matters with a mix of breaking news on startups and established industry leaders.

We want to congratulate our very own Kate Lewis, Head of Market Development for BIOLIFE4D, who won best presentation in the Biopharma track at the MedCity INVEST 2020 Pitch Perfect Competition.

This win increases essential awareness, strengthening BIOLIFE4D’s mission to help humanity. The larger our support becomes, the sooner we will get our products to market.

We are picking up speed!

Please Stay Safe & Be Healthy!


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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