As we celebrate another Thanksgiving this year, most of us sit in an entirely different mindset as we were this time last year. With the on-going strong presence of Covid-19 among us, the holiday season, and the traditions around them involve many hard decisions.

Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends are meaningful and fun but can increase the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19. The safest way to celebrate is to celebrate with people in your household.

The CDC urged Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving, saying celebrations should be kept within single households. The warning comes as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations reach record highs across the U.S.    More than 1 million COVID-19 cases were reported in the United States over the last 7 days.

Not spending time with your loved ones, especially during the holidays is extremely tough for all of us.  Honestly, it is something we never thought we would need to consider, but unfortunately these times call for that.  Thankfully and although never quite the same, we are fortunate for the technology today that allows us face to face time with our family, so our connections are not entirely gone.

Please consider your loved ones particularly those who may be at a higher risk if you chose to attend a gathering outside your own household during the holidays.

If you do plan to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, take additional steps to make your celebration safer.

Whatever your decision to celebrate is, make it a safe one.

Enjoy and be well!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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