BIOLIFE4D Featured by Houston Chronicle, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

In addition to working on our 3D bioprinted mini human heart, October has been a busy month for BIOLIFE4D with media coverage in the Houston Chronicle, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry (MDDI) and 3Dnatives. We’re thrilled with the continued support of our efforts, and hope our investors feel the same way.

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Houston Chronicle

As the staple daily newspaper in America’s fourth largest city, the Houston Chronicle is one of Texas’ most reputable news outlets, and just last week published a feature story on BIOLIFE4D and its mission to save lives by 3D bioprinting human hearts for transplant from patients’ own cells. We hold this especially dear because so much of our work is taking place in Houston, priming it to be where some of these major medical breakthroughs take place.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

With our roots in the Midwest, we’re always happy to be recognized by reputable area publications. This month, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette featured a lengthy story on 3D printing, mentioning BIOLIFE4D and our aspiration of 3D bioprinting functional human hearts for transplant. We’re glad to see that others are as enthusiastic and anxious as we are to achieve this tremendous medical milestone.

Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry (MDDI)

Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry (MDDI) is a go-to for professionals in the medical device industry, and recently published a story on BIOLIFE4D and its successful printing of a human cardiac patch. This is one of the first steps in our larger goal of 3D bioprinting full-size human hearts, but is still incredibly significant in validating our process and taking us closer to saving lives. Next stop: mini heart.


The aptly-named 3Dnatives knows a thing or two about 3D printing and 3D bioprinting, so it was a ringing endorsement when it published a story calling BIOLIFE4D a pioneer in tissue engineering. The result of a Q&A with BIOLIFE4D CEO Steven Morris, this story articulates and illustrates (with several images) his and the company’s origins and vision for saving what we hope will be countless human lives.

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