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Summer may be winding down, but BIOLIFE4D’s efforts to 3D bioprint a human heart viable for transplant are not and the media has taken notice. These efforts have attracted international attention, as evidenced by recent features in the BBC and on Verdict. We haven’t forgotten our roots, though, as and Medical Device Network have also published stories featuring BIOLIFE4D.


 A staple in European and international journalism, the BBC has featured commentary from BIOLIFE4D CEO Steven Morris in a story on recent developments in 3D bioprinting human tissue and organs. “A lot has happened in the last couple of years,” he told BBC reporter Padraig Belton. Indeed, a lot has happened, and even more will happen as we continue developing the mini- and full-size hearts. This story was also covered by 3D Printing Industry and


United Kingdom-based global business news site Verdict also sought Steven Morris’ input on the development of 3D printed organs. “We are actually planning to be able to 3D bioprint an organ in 2019,” he said. When asked about the mini-heart that BIOLIFE4D is developing, he added that it “could be a tremendously valuable tool for pharma with human predictive cardiac toxicity and efficacy models.”

Medical Device Network

While our attention is currently on the mini-heart, that doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally look back on our previous achievements as this Medical Device Network story does. This feature on bioprinting discusses our successfully printed human cardiac tissue and mentions that we printed it well ahead of our initial projections. We hope to be able to do the same with the mini-heart, which is coming along well in development. After that, our attention will turn to the full-size heart.

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