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Earlier this week, we shared with the world that BIOLIFE4D has achieved an incredible scientific milestone, having successfully 3D bioprinted human cardiac tissue. In the days since the announcement, we’ve received tremendous feedback and the world has certainly taken notice. Below are a selection of some of the pieces of media coverage we’ve achieved this week. And as always, if you’re interested in becoming a first-time investor or adding to your current investment, you can do so here.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance, one of the world’s largest business publications, produced a video feature on our scientific milestone and discussed its life-saving potential with a panel of experts. We could tell you more about it, but we’ll let the video do the talking (click above)!

Cardiology Today

Ravi Birla, our Chief Science Officer, spoke to Cardiology Today about our scientific breakthrough and what it means for the future of cardiac treatment. “For these patients, we can bioengineer a cardiac patch, suture it on to the heart, and in conjunction with pharmacological agents, these patches can prevent deterioration of the myocardium and prevent progression to the point of chronic infarction,” Birla told the publication.

Today’s Medical Developments

Today’s Medical Developments featured our scientific milestone, highlighting our innovative 3D bioprinting process and how we are able to use it to create living, viable constructs that can be used to print not only a cardiac patch but ultimately a human heart for transplant.

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