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You’ve likely heard that BIOLIFE4D is currently raising funds to 3D bioprint transplantable human hearts, valves, and other organs. In order to do that, we need people like you to be aware of what we’re working towards. If these stories have you excited and you want to spread the word, we’d love you to share on social media! And as always, if you’re interested in becoming a first-time investor or adding to you current investment, you can do so here.

Here are a few stories from the last month that have helped to raise awareness of our efforts.

Chicago Magazine



CEO Steven Morris was featured in Chicago Magazine’s May 2018 feature on local entrepreneurs who are looking to create global change. Nicknaming Steven “the heart printer”, this profile story details how the idea of BIOLIFE4D came about, as well as background on the company and some of the scientific progress it has made to date. (Image: Chicago Magazine)



Medical Design Technology

An article by CEO Steven Morris appeared in Medical Design Technology in April. Focusing on the technology that BIOLIFE4D is developing, this article highlights just how 3D bioprinting can change global healthcare. It includes an overview of the bioprinting process, the technology, and some of the challenges that persist.

Becker’s Hospital Review

Steven Morris shared his thoughts on healthcare technology innovation and adoption in this article featured on the website of Chicago-based healthcare publication Becker’s Hospital Review. Discussing the lifesaving and market opportunities presented by emerging healthcare technologies, this article also highlights the $2 billion annual American heart transplant market that BIOLIFE4D is looking to establish itself as a leader in.

Medical Design and Outsourcing

Medical Design and Outsourcing’s Heather Thompson recently spoke with Steven Morris on Regulation A+, the equity crowdfunding that BIOLIFE4D is leveraging to allow investors of all sizes get involved in the development of the company’s groundbreaking 3D bioprinting technology. This article provides a nice overview of Regulation A+ as a funding option for healthcare innovators, how it works, and some of its different forms.

Jim Harrison Show

While BIOLIFE4D is an American company, it certainly hasn’t forgotten about international investors and spectators. CEO Steven Morris recently spoke with Jim Harrison, host of – you guessed it – The Jim Harrison Show, a Canadian talk and news radio program. Steven shared background on BIOLIFE4D, what it is looking to develop, and the international scale of issues like transplant shortages and organ rejection that it looks to address.

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