BIOLIFE4D In the News: A Round Up of Our Best Media Placements

If you couldn’t tell, we’re beyond excited about our big announcement coming this September. While we are on our way to the ultimate goal of 3D bioprinting a human heart for transplant, we figured now is as good a time as any to reflect on our achievements so far and highlight some of our monumental media placements that have highlighted our scientific progress. Take a look below at some of the past media mentions we’re most proud of and be sure to keep an eye out for more press coverage this September!

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The emerging tech company, BIOLIFE4D recently announced it has successfully 3D printed human cardiac tissue. This tissue can be used in people who have acute heart failure to help restore lost heart function. This is a huge step toward 3D printing an actual human heart viable for transplant.

Houston Chronicle: 3D Bio-Printed Organs Could Provide Life-Saving Technology

On its way to creating a full human heart viable for transplantation, BIOLIFE4D is working on developing other components of the heart, such as valves, grafts and a cardiac patch. The company is also working with contract research organizations that will work with pharmaceutical companies and drug discovery companies in order to provide this as a better predictive model than the current animal testing that is currently available.

BBC: ‘A new bladder made from my cells gave me my life back’

“A lot has happened in the last couple of years,” says Steven Morris, chief executive of bioprinting start-up BIOLIFE4D. Mr. Morris is working to bioprint a heart using these pluripotent cells over the next year. This will initially be a smaller version of the organ, he explains, but could eventually help pharmaceutical companies bypass testing trial drugs on animals, he says. And ultimately, bioprinting organs from people’s own cells will solve the “huge lack of supply” in organs for transplant, says Mr. Morris, and do away with the need for anti-rejection immunosuppressant drugs.

Popular Mechanics: This Patch of 3D-Printed Flesh Is a Step Toward a Full 3D-Printed Heart

BIOLIFE4D is working toward their ultimate goal of printing a human heart using a patient’s own cells as the building blocks. The challenge here is not just that printing human tissue is hard, but that human hearts are very complex structures, with muscles, nerves, ventricles, valves, and blood vessels. The company not only has to build a bunch of cells in the shape of a heart but also has to make sure each cell is of the right type and functions properly.

Yahoo! Finance: Biotech company: We’re one step closer to printing human organs

BIOLIFE4D says the bioprinted cardiac patches could bring significant cost and time savings by making the creation process scalable. The company, which has raised more than $1 million selling public securities, aims to eventually produce organs on demand.

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