Investor Update – BIOLIFE4D Modifies its Regulation A+ Offering

Today is an exciting day for BIOLIFE4D. After just a few months and more than $1M in investments raised, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve modified our Regulation A+ (Mini-IPO) offering due to popular demand and that the stock price has now reached $12 per share – a 20% increase in just four months.

Since the launch of our RegA+ equity crowdfunding campaign in February, we have achieved incredible progress in our labs, which we hope to be able to highlight in the very near future. But I can tell you today that we believe we are nearly 1.5 years ahead of our preliminary time projections after only four months of scientific efforts!

We have been overwhelmed with all of the terrific support we have received from our investors as we seek to establish our scientific process and ultimately achieve our mission of 3D bioprinting human hearts viable for transplant.  But our story is still only just beginning and we are going to need your continued support as we work toward our ultimate goal.

Investors will receive “perks” based on their level of investment. Of particular interest, investors that give $100,000 or more will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the first heart transplant operation utilizing a BIOLIFE4D bioprinted heart.

For those new to the BIOLIFE4D page, watch this video to learn more about the opportunity or visit to make an investment. If you’ve already invested and want to increase your holdings, you can also do so by visiting the same link.

To see how BIOLIFE4D’s process starts with a patient’s own cells and ends with a functional human heart ready for transplant, please watch this video.

Together we have already taken a significant step toward treating heart disease. Thanks to everyone for their support – the best is yet to come.

– Steven Morris, CEO, BIOLIFE4D

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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