BIOLIFE4D Reaches Groundbreaking Milestone and Successfully 3D Bioprints a Mini-Heart

It’s finally here! If you’ve been following our social media platforms, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been teasing a BIG announcement come September. Well, the day has finally arrived! We’re excited to announce that BIOLIFE4D has successfully 3D bioprinted a mini-heart, a significant milestone on our way towards our ultimate goal of producing a full-sized human heart viable for transplant and an opportunity to finally start to move this incredible technology to the market!

We have developed a proprietary bioink using a very specific composition of different extracellular matrix compounds that closely replicate the properties of the mammalian heart. Further, it has developed a novel and unique bioprinting algorithm, consisting of printing parameters optimized for the whole heart. Coupling its proprietary bioink with patient-derived cardiomyocytes and its enabling bioprinting technology, BIOLIFE4D is able to bioprint a heart that, while smaller in size, replicates many of the features of a human heart. With this platform technology in place, BIOLIFE4D is now well-positioned to build upon this platform and work towards the development of a full-scale human heart.   

The ability to 3D bioprint a mini-heart now gives us a roadmap for bioprinting a full-scale human heart. By achieving this significant milestone we now know that it is now only a matter of optimizing our process and scaling up our technology. While we know there are still challenges awaiting us on our way to the full-size human heart viable for transplantation, this achievement signals that we are well on the way!

Beyond the scientific advancements the miniheart represents, this is also an opportunity to provide Pharma and drug discovery companies a new tool for cardiotoxicity testing of new drugs and compounds.  Until now the model utilized for predicting the cardiotoxicity effects of a new drug or compound was essentially limited to the animal model. It is our intention to ultimately provide the mini-hearts as a more reliable model of predicting cardiotoxicity, after all what is a better predictor of how a human heart will react than a human heart (albeit a scaled down version)? This also represents an opportunity to reduce the number of animals used for testing purposes, a huge win-win!

This latest milestone puts us at the forefront of whole heart bioengineering, a field that is rapidly advancing. While we have enjoyed tremendous success already, and although we are positioned to continue to make additional advancements, we still need your continued support.  Last week, we launched our second Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign, which gives you the opportunity to invest in BIOLIFE4D’s life-saving technology!

To those who’ve already invested, especially our shareholders who have made multiple rounds of investments – THANK YOU! We would not have been able to have so much success so quickly without you.

If you are interested in investing for the first time, or you are a current investor who would like to increase your holdings, just give us a call at (224) 602-9569 and our Investor Relations staff will guide you through the process. It’s really quick and easy.  

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Finally, please  follow our journey as we move toward our ultimate goal of bioprinting a full size human heart for transplant, connect with us on social media and share our mission with your network. Heart disease and the process of finding a viable heart for transplant is a global issue, but with your help, we’ll be able to give the greatest gift of all – time!


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