Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Attacks are on the Rise in Young People

For the last several decades aging has been recognized as one of the primary contributing factors of cardiovascular disease, but young adults can have any number of contributing risk factors as well. 

Young adults are increasingly being diagnosed with hypertension: Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, just like the trend in heart attacks, the incidence of hypertension is rising faster in young adults than in older adults.

Diabetes at any age is a key risk factor for early onset cardiovascular disease: If you have diabetes, there is a much higher risk for cardiovascular disease as compared to adults who don’t have diabetes. The problem develops when your blood sugar isn’t controlled well enough to keep it consistently within a healthy range. High blood sugar damages your blood vessels, which increases the chance of fats building up in your arteries and causing atherosclerosis. 

Overweight and obesity are key players in heart attacks: Being overweight has a significant influence on the risk of having cardiovascular disease and a potential heart attack.  Recently, pandemic circumstances have also been shown to contribute to an increase in poor diet choices and lack of exercise among more and more young people.

Smoking cigarettes and vaping are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and heart attacks: Of all the things that contribute to heart attacks in young adults, smoking cigarettes is one of the top risk factors. Your risk of a heart attack increases in direct proportion to the number of cigarettes you smoke. 

Young adults who have already experienced a heart attack, even a mild one, become that much more likely to experience another: Once you have that first heart attack, you have the same increased chance of dying from a second major heart event or a stroke regardless of your age.

Regardless of age, cardiac issues can be potentially devastating for both you and your loved ones so as we enter the holiday season try to be mindful of those factors you can control such as your alcohol consumption and diet choices.  Have fun, just try not to overdo it. 

Enjoy the Holiday Season, Have Fun, Stay Safe and Be Well!


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