Coming Soon – Exclusive Investor’s Only Portal! Invest Now to Gain Access!

It’s been about a month since we opened up our Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign for investment and as our CEO Steve Morris noted recently, the response has been incredible. We’ve been accepting new investments every day and our group of public shareholders is growing! It really has been an incredible few weeks.

To date, we’ve been communicating with our investors primarily through email, as well as through our social media channels. While those elements will continue, in the near future we will be opening our Investor’s Only Portal to provide exclusive updates direct to our shareholders. You’re part of the Company – you’ll be the first to know when something important happens!

The Investor’s Only Portal will be home to exclusive updates from Company executives like Steve Morris, CEO and Dr. Ravi Birla, Chief Science Officer of BIOLIFE4D. Shareholders will have access to first looks at technology, the 3D bioprinting process, and scientific milestones as they occur. It will be an in-depth, one-stop destination for shareholders to stay involved with their Company!

How do I get access to the Investor’s Only Portal? Is it too late?

It is NOT too late to gain access to the Investor’s Only Portal! The only way to gain access is to become a shareholder and invest today! Once your investment is cleared and your shares are issued, you will be included in all shareholder communications and be given access to the Investor’s Only Portal when it becomes available. Don’t miss out – become a shareholder today!

Got heart? Join BIOLIFE4D as we work to better humanity’s future. Invest now to build a heart and save a life.

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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