During this Season of Giving-Consider the Ultimate Gift of Passion for Humanity:

Unfortunately, despite a considerable increase in organ donations during the current pandemic the need for donor organs still far outpaces donations.  All too many patients continue to wait for a life-saving organ transplant.

Currently more than 106,000 men, women and children sit on the transplant waiting list in the US.  And there are countless more whose life could be saved who are not even on the list.

The decision to become an organ donor to help those in need on the transplant waitlist is an incredibly important and selfless choice.  The choice to become a donor could save the lives of so many – the ultimate gift which is so profound for the recipients and their families – a chance for life.

The overwhelming gap between organ donors and those in need of donor organs, even with more and more donors, is so huge and so many individuals are in need of a life-saving organ transplant.  This is the reason why BIOLIFE4D’s mission is to address the incredible shortage of donor organs while simultaneously addressing the challenges of organ rejection related to donor organ transplants.  BIOLIFE4D is dedicated to achieving the patient-specific technology to bioengineer a viable, fully functional heart for transplantation which is safe, affordable, and accessible.

Until then, if you are not yet an organ donor, please consider becoming one and providing the gift of time.

Stay Safe & Be Well,


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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