Empty Has Never Felt So Good!

The American Heart Association says pets are good for heart health because they help us reduce stress. But I think we all knew that already.  Hugging a household pet often makes us laugh and smile — a wonderful way to ease tension.

As a result of the pandemic we continue to face unsettling challenges such as job loss or social isolation from loved ones, so it is wonderful to have a pet to turn to for comic relief or ward off feelings of loneliness.  Pets are great listeners and help us reduce depression. According to some of the latest studies, animals can have such a calming effect on people the mere act of petting them can help lower our blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and lessen stress levels, benefiting our mental health.

For these reasons and more it is not surprising that so many of us reached out and brought new pets into our lives during this pandemic, rescuing our new friends from an uncertain fate.  Now more people than ever will realize how pets have a special loving way of bringing us comfort when we need it most.

While the global pandemic has left a path of destruction and sorrow, it has generated incredible happiness and joy for animals everywhere that otherwise were facing a grim fate.  Thousands of adoption applications were filed, a surge in fostering reached an all-time high, and animal shelters were emptied throughout the world. Empty has never felt so good!

As so many selfless people continue to adopt animals giving them a forever home, we at BIOLIFE4D are doing our part for animals as well by remaining focused on bringing our bioengineered mini-heart to the market as quickly as we can.  It will not only benefit human lives, but it will save the lives of countless animals as well.  By providing the pharmaceutical market a more dependable, accurate and predictive model of human cardiotoxicity than the current animal model our miniheart will result in fewer animals needing to be sacrificed for testing purposes. A HUGE win-win, benefiting both humanity and animals.

Please Be Safe and Stay Healthy!

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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