The Ethical Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime

Investments come in many different forms – real estate, stocks, bonds and crowdfunding, to name a few. Across all forms, a movement gaining a lot of momentum in recent years has been ethical investing.

Ethical investing often involves avoiding investments in controversial companies or projects. Many advisors and retirement plans offer ethical investing options that will avoid purchasing stocks in firearms or tobacco companies, for example. In addition to the options offered by your broker or wealth manager, one of the easiest ways to invest ethically is to trust your gut and invest in companies and projects you feel will bring some good to the world, like technologies that can improve people’s lives or even save them.

At BIOLIFE4D, we’re working to 3D bioprint full-size human hearts viable for transplant out of patients’ own cells. This has the potential to save millions of lives and starts with a mini-heart. The mini-heart will validate our technology and process and reaffirm that we’re on the right track to developing full-size hearts that could save so many people. On top of saving lives, this technology can reduce the number of illegal organ transplants. No matter how you slice it, our work involves preserving human life. And let’s not forget that as we are successful saving lives, our shareholders have the potential for significant returns.

As an investor, you want your portfolio to appreciate over time. Part of that involves investing in ventures you believe will be successful and in high demand. There’s a pretty significant demand for human organs – especially hearts – as the waiting list for transplants both in the U.S. and internationally continues to grow. Knowing that cardiovascular disease takes the lives of one out of every three people in every developed country around the world, and given that only about 6,000 heart transplants take place globally each year, it is easy to see that we have an opportunity to save lives at an unprecedented level. Unfortunately, that demand will continue until a cure for heart disease is found. If you can build a sturdy portfolio with assets and securities that have the potential to help humanity, doesn’t that seem like the best of both worlds?

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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