Get in While the Getting is Good

Many people know someone who – for one reason or another – wishes they invested in a company very early in its existence. One of the major benefits of investing in a company early is that if it’s successful, you will likely have bought in at a low price and your securities will be worth significantly more than you originally bought them for. While many investing experts share different strategies, one widely-shared concept is time in the market, which is the idea that the longer you hold securities, the greater your potential for returns.

Many companies will also offer special perks to early investors. At BIOLIFE4D, for example, any investor of $100,000 or more will have the opportunity to witness the first heart transplant operation using a BIOLIFE4D bioprinted heart.

Early investors in BIOLIFE4D’s equity crowdfunding campaign have already enjoyed a 20% price increase in their stock. We believe the investment opportunity that BIOLIFE4D represents will only continue to increase as we advance toward our goal of 3D bioprinting human hearts viable for transplant and saving millions of human lives worldwide.

Thus far, we’ve established key partnerships and lab facilities in global medical hubs like Houston, successfully demonstrated our ability to 3D bioprint human cardiac tissue and are currently working on 3D bioprinting a mini-heart, which we will use to validate our bioprinting process and offer to pharmaceutical companies and drug discovery companies as a more reliable model for cardiac toxicity testing and enabling BIOLIFE4D to begin generating revenue.

We’ve made tremendous progress in the last year, and we are well on our way towards achieving our goals. Please realize, however, that as we continue at the incredible pace we have been, your opportunity to invest and become a shareholder in BIOLIFE4D may not continue for long.  Now is your time to become part of our incredible story, don’t miss the opportunity.

We hope to see you as a partner and investor soon.

Got heart? Join BIOLIFE4D as we work to better humanity’s future. Invest now to build a heart and save a life.

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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