Have a Happy and (Heart) Healthy New Year!

It’s officially a new year and you know what that means- a time where many people create resolutions. If you’ve ever created a New Year’s resolution that slipped under the cracks, you’re not the only one. This year, we suggest focusing on the long-term goals where improving matters the most. Short-term goals could be beneficial, but most likely could led to decrease in personal motivation. If you’d like a suggestion, we can tell you what we’re focusing on. You guessed it – better heart health! As you may know by now, our goal is to combat the negative effects of heart disease and create an innovative solution where there currently isn’t one. We’ve outlined a few resolution suggestions that could help you achieve better heart health, no matter your age.

If you smoke, this year is the time to quit – it’s certainly not too late. The risk of heart disease associated withsmoking decreases shortly after quitting and could continue over time for many people. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in vaping and e-cigarettes, especially in younger adults. Try to kick this habit and make it a priority for your long-term health. The first step is consulting your doctor and making a healthy plan of action.

After New Year’s Eve and other holiday festivities, now is a great time to take a break from alcohol consumption. According to the latest research in the Journal of the American Heart Associationheavy alcohol consumption (compared to some or none at all) could greatly damage the function and structure of the heart before symptoms even occur. Consider avoiding and while you can still enjoy in moderation, try cutting back on alcohol with a friend or family member.

Throughout our lives, the uncontrollable happens. Stress is inevitable, but it’s important to try to control what we can. In 2020, learn to cope with stress as best as you can. Try making it a personal goal to reduce stress in a variety of ways. Whether it’s doing something you love or setting aside time each day to relax in silence, this is definitely worth making a long-term goal. 

Eating healthy and increasing exercise is a known way to keep your heart healthy. Instead of crash diets or exercise courses, try taking your current habits and swapping them out with healthier, long-term ones. For instance, in addition to joining a gym, swap out the time spent watching TV and find an exercise regimen that way. Instead of that burger, try salmon or better yet, instead of eating out, try cooking something delicious for the family!

Don’t look back on what you ate during the holidays – instead, look forward! With heart disease as the leading cause of death globally, let’s take a vow together to focus on our long-term heart health. After all, we only have one heart. In 2020, motivate your loved ones and take a step in the right direction together. If you’re interested in learning more about our mission and the latest studies surrounding heart health, please connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!

– Team at BIOLIFE4D

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