Innovative Lab and Rich Regional Resources Help BIOLIFE4D on Way to Major Milestone

If you’ve been following along, you probably saw that last month we announced our biggest milestone to date – the ability to 3D bioprint our mini-heart. While we’ve made a lot of noise about the accomplishment (and why wouldn’t we!), we also want to showcase our amazing facilities where we were able to achieve this goal – JLABS in Houston, TX. We originally established operations at JLABS in the Spring of 2018, and have since doubled our original footprint within the lab (actually twice) which has enabled us access to cutting edge technology and leading industry minds that helped make everything possible. 

Johnson & Johnson Innovation opened their JLABS incubator at the renowned Texas Medical Center (TMC) in October of 2014 to provide a flexible environment for start-up companies pursuing new technologies and research platforms to advance medical care. JLABS provides BIOLIFE4D with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including opportunities to discuss funding, access to third-party services, attend educational events and meet with R&D experts from Johnson & Johnson’s medical device and diagnostic technology, consumer healthcare products and pharmaceutical teams.

JLABS location within TMC also plays a critical role as BIOLIFE4D continues the development of our innovative bioprinting technology. TMC is the world’s largest medical center, and the city of Houston is considered ground zero when it comes to cardiac research. Houston is home to many world class institutions with established programs in cardiac regeneration, like the Texas Heart Institute, Debakey Heart and Vascular Institute and Texas Children’s Hospital. BIOLIFE4D’s ability to position our lab in the heart of such a rich research enterprise provides us with -valuable support as we work toward our goal of bioengineering human hearts for transplantation.

BIOLIFE4D’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Ravi Birla, already had established connections within the region, and our presence has furthered our relationships with the medical and scientific communities within the state of Texas. As we continue to advance our technology and optimize our process, we’ll continue to rely on JLABS, as well as the region’s -significant resources. 

Please follow our journey as we move closer to bioprinting a full size human heart for transplant by connecting with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to share our mission with your network, either. Cardiovascular disease and the process of finding a viable heart for transplant is a global issue, but with your help we’ll be able to give the greatest gift of all – time!

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