International Business Times: 3D-Printed Hearts Could Be Used In Cardiac Surgeries In The Future

Imagine a world where heart transplants do not cost that much and do not have long waiting lists. Imagine not having to go through immunosuppressive therapy following a life and death surgery. Fortunately, we won’t have to imagine these soon as BIOLIFE4D is already developing a technology that could eliminate these concerns and do more for people with heart diseases and abnormalities.

BIOLIFE4D is currently developing a technology, a bioprinter, that would allow medical professionals and scientists to 3D print a human heart, which can then be transplanted to a patient who is in dire need of help. The company’s solution involves harvesting iPS cells or induced pluripotent stem cells. The adult specialized cells will be subjected to a process called differentiation in order for them to become specialized cardiac cells, which will serve as the building blocks of the bioprinted heart.

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