Investment Update – Thank You for Your Support!

Two weeks ago, we took a significant step toward our mission of revolutionizing treatment for heart disease when we launched our Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign. The decision to allow outside investment by the general public into BIOLIFE4D was an easy one. Heart disease has touched the lives of tens of millions of people across the U.S. – it’s the #1 killer of men and women. We knew that bringing people affected by heart disease and passionate for change into our Company would only further enhance our purpose.

Boy, were we right. Over the last two weeks, the support we have received – both financially and otherwise – has been tremendous. We have accepted investments from many individuals who want to stand beside us and change the way heart disease is treated. We’ve heard from many others who aren’t able to invest but want to do their part by sharing our story to their family and friends across their social networks. And we’ve received a lot of attention from the media, like USA Today, Fast Company and Crain’s Chicago Business, who are helping to push our mission out to the masses.

For that, I want to say thank you to all who have invested and shared our story. Your passion and support has been instrumental in helping us to where we are today. But we are far from finished; in fact, we are just getting started. We won’t stop until we are able to change the way heart disease is treated and give people back what they need most – time.

So, if you’ve not invested, please consider doing so now, if you’re able. You can learn more about the opportunity by visiting our investment page.

If you have already invested, or love what we’re doing, please consider sharing our story. With your help, we can turn this into a reality.

 – Steven Morris, CEO, BIOLIFE4D

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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