June is National Men’s Health Awareness Month!

Studies show that men are twice as likely to have a heart attack than women.  Studies also show men to be less likely to seek healthcare assistance than women. This is likely a result of a socially outdated mindset that going to the doctor exhibits weakness, but regardless it is important that men recognize that cardiovascular disease is not only the number 1 killer of women but also men. It is an equal opportunity killer.

Here are some activities to keep your heart happy and healthy:

WALKING: Everybody knows that walking is a safe and easy way to keep in shape, but did you know it’s cardiovascular benefits? Walking cuts levels of bad cholesterol which drastically decreases the chances of developing heart disease. Now while on your next walk, spice it up and walk uphill or maybe try out a forest trail in your area.

GARDENING: Yes! Tending to your yard is actually a great way to keep your heart rate up and working well. Gardening can be a nice way to get outside and get some much-needed vitamin D, while keeping you active without too much strain.

GOLFING: Taking up something as heart healthy as golfing could be the activity for you. Golf is a fantastic way to burn calories and get your heart rate up, and it can be fun! The adrenaline of a more competitive activity is sure to get your blood pumping, keeping you nice and healthy. 

STAIR CLIMBING: This activity can take place without leaving the comfort of your own home if desired, while keeping active. Going up and down stairs is a great way to keep your systems up and running. Even skipping steps while you go about your day can make all the difference. 

DANCING: The idea of dancing sounds pretty intimidating, but it can be fun! Getting up and dancing with your partner can be great exercise. If you don’t have a partner to dance with, putting some music on and having your own dance party is just as enjoyable. Dancing at your own pace can be an activity that your heart will appreciate without it being too strenuous. 

BIOLIFE4D cares about everyone’s health.  While we striving to take care of people with existing challenges, we want to also encourage positive behaviors to help prevent further spread of heart disease for both men and women alike.

Stay safe & be well,


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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