Let’s Do Our Part!

Flu season has arrived, so getting your flu shot has never been more important. Catching the flu can weaken your immune system and worsen your ability to fight off COVID-19.
In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s possible to have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

Still not sure?

  • Seniors and those with heart disease, diabetes or any other health risk factors are at greater danger from the flu.
  • Those who skip the flu shot are SIX TIMES MORE LIKELY to have a heart attack.
  • Having the flu increases your chance of having a stroke by 40%.
  • Moms-to-be are nearly 75% less likely to be hospitalized for the flu if they get a flu shot.
  • Kids who get a flu vaccine are a lot less likely to wind up in the hospital if they do catch the virus.

Today, on Veteran’s Day, we celebrate all our heroic Veteran’s.  We honor the service and the sacrifices which they all have made for our security and safety.  Our courageous Veteran’s have made personal sacrifices to ensure our safety and put their own personal safety in jeopardy for all of us.  So, during these very challenging times let us all behave like Veteran’s and do our own part in helping ensure the safety of our families, friends, and neighbors. Be smart, be safe, and stay healthy – please consider getting yourself and your family flu shots.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Stay safe & be well.


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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