SCIENCE MILESTONE – BIOLIFE4D Successfully 3D Bioprints Human Cardiac Tissue

We are extremely excited to announce that BIOLIFE4D has successfully demonstrated its ability to 3D bioprint viable human cardiac tissue – specifically, a human cardiac patch.  And what is just as incredible it that our science team, which is located at the prestigious research facility at JLABS, was able to accomplish this feat far ahead of schedule, nearly a year ahead of initial projections

Our successfully printed cardiac patch contains multiple cell types of which the human heart is made of, rather than just cardiomyocytes, and includes preliminary vascularization. BIOLIFE4D’s 3D cardiac patch could be used in patient with acute heart failure to restore lost myocardial contractility.

When we began this process, we knew this would be a key step in validating our technology and scientific approach, so we are pleased to be able to have accomplished this so quickly. That approach, as well as the tremendous scientific team that we have assembled, enabled us to accelerate this process and 3D bioprint human cardiac patches within days, something unheard of within the scientific community.

 This terrific milestone is a key validation for our technology and provides a clear and rapid pathway towards 3D bioprinting human hearts viable for transplant. However we still have much work to do, as we move on to other key milestones such as grafts, valves, and mini-hearts as we progress toward a full human heart.

We will need your continued support, and together, we can change how heart disease is treated across the world.

 – Ravi Birla, Chief Science Officer, BIOLIFE4D

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