Mini-Heart, Huge Impact

As BIOLIFE4D works to 3D bioprint a full-size human heart viable for transplant, we have an opportunity to complete several incremental achievements, each of which not only validates our technology and process but also provides huge market potential while on our way to developing the full heart.

Scientifically, one of our first steps was to demonstrate our ability to 3D bioprint human cardiac tissue. We did this in the form of a cardiac patch, containing several cell types that compose the human heart. In addition to being a significant step towards the full-size heart, this cardiac patch could potentially be used to restore lost myocardial contractility to patients with acute heart failure. On top of that, we completed this well ahead of our initial timeline.

Our next step is 3D bioprinting a mini-heart. While this will indeed be a miniature version of the heart that we believe will ultimately save countless human lives, we expect its impact to be full-size and go beyond just its own applications – which could include reducing the need for testing on millions of animals in the biomedical industry. We also have an opportunity to apply this mini-heart in the pharmaceutical industry for testing, which can reduce the need for testing on living animals and generate additional awareness of our technology.

While each step toward this major scientific breakthrough is an individually unique milestone and each has its individual applications, it’s important to look at them all together to measure their true significance. As we successfully complete each increment, each validates our technology and process and lets us know that we’re on track to make a major global impact.

An ongoing step throughout this process is raising capital, without which none of this is possible. We – along with thousands of people counting on a solution like this to live – depend on investors like you to recognize this opportunity and be a part of it.

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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