Miracles in Houston: 3D Bioprinting a Human Heart

Earlier this year, BIOLIFE4D established operations in Houston, Texas, to continue developing our medical technology, and to take significant strides toward our goal of 3D bioprinting a human heart viable for transplant. As a Johnson & Johnson JLABS resident at Texas Medical Center, we have access to world-class laboratory facilities, making the city of Houston’s importance – both geographically and in the world of cardiac medicine – critical to our success.

Houston is considered a global hub of cardiac medicine and research, largely because of the work done at Texas Medical Center, which has nearly 14,000 heart surgeries under its belt. With 50 million developed square feet on its campus and over 9,000 patient beds, it is the largest medical complex in the world. Of course, the Houston metropolitan area is also home to several other reputable medical centers, such as MD Anderson, Baylor College of Medicine, Methodist, UTHealth, and Rice University. If there is anything our team of experts can learn in our effort to save lives by 3D bioprinting a human heart, it will likely be found in this medical mecca.

We have been extremely productive and are certainly making the most of our time in Houston. Surrounding ourselves with some of the world’s most renowned cardiac surgeons and leaders in cardiac research is key to our larger goal, reinforcing our emphasis on working solely with top cardiac talent. Our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Ravi Birla, has spent years cultivating relationships with local cardiac leaders. Among them is our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, who is also Surgical Director of Mechanical Circulatory Support and Cardiac Transplantation at Texas Heart Institute.

 Combined, Dr. Birla and Dr. Morgan have a wealth of experience and connections in cardiac medicine, which BIOLIFE4D will leverage to expedite the 3D bioprinting process. Our presence in Houston has already paid dividends, as recently we announced our milestone of 3D bioprinting human cardiac tissue well ahead of the schedule we initially projected. We are so confident in our medical team working tirelessly to perfect the process, that we believe we can beat the clock and become the first to 3D bioprint a human heart viable for transplant.

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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