Music to Our Ears……and to Our Hearts!

We all have those songs… the playlist rooted deep in our lives built from as far back as our early grade school days. The music we have long cherished and linked to the best moments of our lives. Today, especially in these uncertain times, listening to music is a far better choice than watching the news.

Did you know that playing and listening to music has real health benefits for your heart? So, turn on the tunes and give your heart some love.

A recent study found that listening to music for just 30 minutes a day can lower your blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure listened to a variety of Classical and Celtic music as some examples, for a half hour every day for a month and it was found to lead to significant drops in systolic blood pressure (the top number when your blood pressure is taken). High systolic blood pressure increases heart disease risk, so if you have high blood pressure – whatever your music style is – adding a daily dose certainly will not hurt!

Music can also modify your brain chemistry causing changes which may also produce cardiovascular benefits. For example, studies have found that listening to music may improve blood vessel function by relaxing arteries, ease anxiety and help people recovering from heart attacks and heart surgery to feel less pain and anxiety (and possibly even sleep better).

Studies have also shown the many benefits to adding music to your workouts, and regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve and maintain heart health. So, when you head off to the gym be sure to bring your tunes along.

Next time you find yourself stressing, just take a deep breath and put on your favorite tunes. De-stressing is not just good for your heart, taking time to chill out boosts your immune system and helps to clear your head as well.

Listening to music is not only fun but also provides both mental and physical benefits.  If for no other reason, than for your heart’s sake turn on some tunes – a little music can go a long way.

Please Stay Safe & Be Healthy!


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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