In the News: The ABCs of 3D Bioprinting of Living Tissues, Organs

R&D Mag interviewed Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat, Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Penn State University and member of the BIOLIFE4D Science Team.

Dr. Ozbolat discussed recent progress in the world of 3D printing which is enabling biocompatible materials, cells and supporting components to be assembled into functional living tissues. The article described Dr. Ozbolat as one of small group of scientists who “have started utilizing this cutting-edge science and technology for various areas of regenerative medicine” to potentially address challenges like the shortages of organs available for human transplantation.

“If we’re able to make organs on demand, that will be highly beneficial to society,” said Dr. Ozbolat. “We have the capability to pattern cells, locate them and then make the same thing that exists in the body.”

Read the full article here.

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