The Organ Transplant Market Explained

At BIOLIFE4D, we’re working to 3D bioprint human organs viable for transplant from patients’ own cells. That work is very complex and quite frankly, so is the market for this kind of technology. Each year, many different types of organs are transplanted, each of which are affected by unique supply challenges and thus present different opportunities. We’re going to break things down a bit to highlight where we feel the greatest market opportunities are for our innovative technology.

First, let’s take a look at the need for transplantable organs. As of April 2018, there were over 114,000 men, women, and children on the U.S. organ transplant waiting list. Heart transplants are in high demand, with even fewer available since there can be no living donors like with other organs. They are incredibly hard to come by, with about 4,000 people in the U.S. on the waiting list for them each year. And that doesn’t even take into consideration all of the other people in need of lifesaving organ transplants that aren’t even allowed on the list due to other medical conditions or their age. Meanwhile, only about 3,000 heart transplants are performed in the U.S. annually, meaning that a company able to 3D bioprint human hearts viable for transplant has an incredibly large market opportunity.

83% of people on the organ transplant waiting list in the U.S. – or about 95,000 – are waiting for kidneys, while just over 19,000 kidney transplants were performed in 2017. That means only 20% of the demand is being met! Once we complete our heart, we can look to leverage the technology towards bioengineering other organs such as kidneys and livers to satisfy these markets as well. 

We recognize these market opportunities are not only financially lucrative, but more importantly have the potential to save lives and significantly increase the quality of life for millions of people globally. That’s why we are laser-focused and working tirelessly to bring our incredible technology to the market, and are well on our way, having already 3D bioprinted our cardiac patch far ahead of all time projections. We hope you join our team, our shareholders, and invest in humanity’s future.

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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