Ready for the Next Step?

BIOLIFE4D stands on the precipice of a technology breakthrough that we truly believe will alter the way potential partners and investors consider our company.

From Day 1, we have done our best to outline a clear strategy so that our shareholders, partners and interested parties would understand our vision. From there, it has been on us to execute upon our objectives.

Following the announcement that we have successfully established our research labs at JLABS, within the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX., BIOLIFE4D is laser-focused on producing a cardiac patch containing multiple cell types of which the human heart is made of, and which would include preliminary vascularization. Achieving this milestone would also mean turning our attention to developing other critical components of the heart, such as valves and blood vessels.

What could this mean to you? Plenty. With respect to this investment, we are still “on the ground floor” – meaning an investment in BIOLIFE4D now would be done at our earliest valuation, one we expect to change in the near future.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by! Investing now provides you with entry on the ground floor of something that could physically change the lives of many, and financially do the same for many shareholders.

Steven Morris, Chief Executive Officer, BIOLIFE4D

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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