Ripple Effects of Organ Transplant Waiting Lists

As a whole, the organ transplant industry isn’t perfect. But its biggest problem isn’t in surgeries; it’s in the limited supply and seemingly endless demand for the most necessary component — the organ itself. At any given time, tens of thousands of people are on waiting lists for heart and organ transplants. Sadly, many of these individuals die waiting each year because of the lack of healthy, accessible organs. Of course, these deaths create ripple effects for loved ones, and circumstances that nobody wants for their families.


People who die waiting for organ transplants are someone’s family members. Each family is unique, and so are the consequences of each death. What if a family has already lost a parent, and loses another on a waiting list? Waiting lists can create orphans. What if a parent is the only source of household income, and dies on a waiting list? Waiting lists often force terrible circumstances on families.




To this point BIOLIFE4D believes the deaths are avoidable, and it’s our responsibility, as well as other innovators, to prevent them. That’s why we want to 3D bioprint human organs, specifically the human heart. Using patients’ own cells, we want to eliminate the challenge of organ rejection. In the simplest terms: we want to address the supply problem. 3D bioprinting might seem like a “next generation” technology or some farfetched science project, but so too were trips to the moon, curing of many cancers, and even the automobile!


You can help solve the supply and demand problem by not adding to the demand, in practicing good heart health. Do this with regular doctor visits, exercise, and sound dietary habits. You can also do your part in supporting technologies that address supply. Together, we can reduce the number of deaths associated with organ transplant waiting lists.

Got heart? Join BIOLIFE4D as we work to better humanity’s future. Invest now to build a heart and save a life.

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