Saving Diverse Lives with a Diversifying Investment

Diversification is a widely-practiced investment strategy in which investors and asset managers assemble portfolios containing various stocks and other kinds of assets – some high-risk, low-risk and even passion projects for social good – to increase their chances at greater returns. You may be a savvy investor, but chances are your portfolio doesn’t already include securities in a company trying to 3D bioprint human hearts viable for transplant. With that in mind, BIOLIFE4D may be a great opportunity for you to diversify while adding securities in a company looking to do significant social good.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with as much as $20 trillion invested in assets and projects people deem socially responsible. These investments give people opportunities to be involved in world-changing ideas and technologies. In addition to providing you with a clean conscience, many of these technologies have tremendous market opportunities, which can mean tremendous returns on investments.

We are working on the technology to 3D bioprint human hearts viable for transplant because there aren’t enough to go around and one in three deaths in every developed country around the world is directly linked to cardiovascular disease. Bringing our technology to the global market could not only have the potential to generate almost inconceivable returns for our investors but could potentially save countless lives. There are currently nearly 4,000 Americans alone on a heart transplant waiting list, and for everyone on the waiting list there are countless others who are in need of a life-saving heart transplant but are not even allowed to be on the waiting list. The market opportunity for the technology we’re developing is only limited by how widely we can implement it, so we can potentially save millions of lives as our technology is adopted globally.

We want to use this technology to save the lives of a diverse range of people, but that can only happen if we have support from an equally diverse range of investors. An investment in BIOLIFE4D is not only an opportunity for tremendous financial gain by investing on the ground floor of this incredible technology, but it is also an opportunity to potentially help save countless lives globally. With our progress to date, we know we’re on the right track, but we need your support to help us finish the job, so please consider investing and becoming a shareholder in BIOLIFE4D.

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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