Sneaks up on you!

We say good-bye to summer, as another August comes to an end. With fall season right around the corner, leading into another year that will soon be behind us.

A perfect time to give serious thought for Healthy Aging Month which takes place in September. Like most, we feel the word aging is meant for all others, but before you know it- It sneaks up on you!

As COVID-19 continues to challenge our future, constantly shifting our priorities in different directions. A plan for aging stronger and like a fine wine, should remain an immobile priority to ourselves and our loved ones.

Your heart is perhaps the most important organ in your body and if you want it to take care of you, you need to take care of it. Like much of the rest of your body, it requires additional attention as you age. So what can you do to improve your heart’s health?

It is much easier than we like to think, but for starters you can be more careful of what you eat and how you eat it. Different foods contain different nutritional values, and eating too fast may cause unnecessary health risks. 

Exercise also goes a long way toward maintaining your heart, since exercise correlates with reduced risk of heart disease. Whether you are working out with a personal trainer or even just walking a bit each day, each moment of physical activity can help keep you healthy.

By proactively taking steps toward better heart health for yourself or the supporting of a loved one, together you can reduce or possibly eliminate risks of one day needing a transplant. This is good not only because of the reduced danger to yourself, but also because it can help increase the already-scarce supply of donor hearts available for transplant.  Presently there are still not enough donor organs to go around, so by preserving yourself along with our products getting to market, together we will help many others.

Please Stay Safe & Be Healthy!


Build a Heart. Save a life.

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