Step One in Solving the Organ Shortage: Become an Organ Donor

As you are probably aware by now, one of the greatest challenges facing the organ transplant industry is a shortage of organs available for transplant. It’s possible to live without some organs – like kidneys – and so those can be donated by living donors. However, most organs are vital, and are required for survival. Therefore, they can only be donated by deceased donors, making them even more scarce.

 As we have also made you aware, the U.S. national transplant waiting list is over 114,000 names long, and a new person is added to the list approximately every 10 minutes. Meanwhile, 20 people die every day while waiting for organ transplants. 95% of American adults support the concept of organ donation, but only 54% of them have actually signed up to donate when they die. The list keeps growing and people continue dying, but not everyone has taken the available steps to reduce these deaths.

 One single organ donor can donate up to eight lifesaving organs, including a heart, two lungs, a liver, pancreas, intestines, and two kidneys. If all of those organs are successfully harvested, they can be used to save eight lives. Yes, you read that correctly: organs from one deceased person can prevent up to eight other people from dying themselves.

 Our efforts to 3D bioprint human organs viable for transplant – especially a heart – all revolve around saving lives, but the issues surrounding organ availability and transplants are bigger than just us. We are all in this struggle together, and together we can help reduce the number of preventable deaths linked to organ shortages. So in addition to asking for your support of BIOLIFE4D in the form of an investment, we ask you to consider becoming an organ donor and saving up to eight lives on your own. It’s hard to put a number on the human lives we can save together, but let’s all do our very best to make that number as large as possible.

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Build a Heart. Save a life.

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