The Significance of Tomorrow – National Donor Day & Valentine’s Day

Hearts, roses, chocolates, and cards – it’s that time of year again. Tomorrow, we celebrate love and those who mean the most to us. However, Valentine’s Day is not the only national day on our minds. February 14 also marks National Donor Day: a day of awareness dedicated to all types of donation (organ, tissue, eye, blood, platelets and marrow) and those who need it the most. Currently, there are over 113,000 people on the national transplant waiting list, hoping to receive a lifesaving organ at any minute. Every 10 minutes, another individual is added to this waiting list. And let’s not forget that while there are only about 3,500 people are on the heart transplant waiting list, there are tens of thousands who have late stage heart failure and aren’t even allowed on the waiting list due to the severe rationing of donor hearts for transplant.

We must decrease these staggering statistics and do all that we can to save lives. In the United States, a survey revealed that roughly 95% of adults support organ donation, while only 58% are formally signed up as donors. Spreading the word of organ donation is imperative, especially when it comes to debunking myths surrounding organ donation and decreasing any doubts or hesitation. 

In addition to awareness, it’s so important that tomorrow, we honor the generosity of all donors, think about the individuals that are currently waiting for a transplant, and remember all who are no longer with us because an organ was not donated in time. 

Together, let’s celebrate the ones we love the most and dedicate the day to saving lives. To help us spread the word about organ donation, please share with your network and on social media. And if you haven’t already, follow along with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn while we continue our journey of innovating heart disease treatment.

– Team at BIOLIFE4D

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