Why 3D Bioprinting a Human Heart is a Big Deal

When BIOLIFE4D successfully 3D bioprinted human cardiac tissue, two of the main reasons we were excited were that it’s obviously a significant medical milestone, and because we did it well ahead of our initial schedule.

With that said, we’ve followed it up by aiming even higher, and are now laser-focused in our labs on 3D bioprinting an actual functioning, beating mini-heart. By using our technology to print this mini-heart, BIOLIFE4D would potentially accomplish several very important goals.

Most obviously, we would be significantly closer to eventually printing a full-size human heart suitable for transplant. Through all of our work, we’ve made our larger goal clear, and spend much time reiterating that the supply of hearts available for transplant falls woefully short of the demand, as millions suffer from heart disease, and hundreds of thousands likely need new hearts.

In addition to making a difference for humans, we believe we can make a difference for animals. Each year, over 115 million animals are used worldwide in experiments and tests in the biomedical industry. While we realize that developing innovative treatments for humans is important, if we were able to develop a mini-heart capable of cardiac testing for these studies, the need for animal testing could be greatly reduced, and many of these animals could be returned to their natural habitats.

There’s also the market opportunity – we believe 3D bioprinting a mini-heart will draw significant attention to BIOLIFE4D, both through the media and more conventional investment circles. By marketing this mini-heart to pharmaceutical companies to use to test new drugs and therapies, we can tap into a billion-dollar market and potentially significantly affect shareholder value. For a potential investor, that could mean increased capital spurring innovation, thus producing faster commercialization and increasing shareholder value.

The mini-heart is the next technological breakthrough in sight, and we’re excited to pursue it.

To learn more about BIOLIFE4D and to express interest in investing please watch this video or visit https://biolife4d.com/invest/.

Build a Heart. Save a life.

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